An injury to one is an injury to all.

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Any “Torchwood” fans out there? Maybe you are more of a “Doctor Who” fan. Any way I was just participating in some binge Torchwood watching with my girlfriend. (and yes I know she is awesome for watching that show with  me) We had just finished watching The day 4 episode of the Torchwood Children of Earth saga and let me tell you this one was a good one!

Jack our protagonist faces down the enemy, who is requesting that earth give them 10 percent of their children or he will kill them all, and quotes the “Wobblies” (what’s that not familiar with the Wobblies? You should so google these guys, very cool fellows.) anyway. The thought of Jack employing the Wobblies model to this episode and directing it at the enemy well it is quite profound.

The TV show made me do what great works of art should. It made me think. Often we are taught from a young age about sacrifice, and about winning. There is a lot of emphasis on strength courage valor, none of these virtues is bad but often what is lost and really shouldn’t be is compassion. Imagine if our generation changed the paradigm what if we embraced this philosophy? What if we made this our mantra? What if we decided today that An injury to one person is an injury to all?

Are you thinking yet? Are you considering how profound this thought is? Not if it is pragmatic or not but what if it was used and employed? What if we approached every interaction this way?

I am not sure what you are thinking but I feel like we may have had it all wrong. 

Just some light Tuesday musing about life 




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