My girlfriend has most recently been struggling with some seriously painful migraines. Yesterday in an effort to find the source of her headaches, she visited a neurologist. I know, you so thought I was going to say that in an effort to figure out the migraine cause she evaluated our relationship, (funny funny).

But the neurologist visit went well she gained a prescription which should only last for two weeks and hope. Hope that the pain will go away. While she was at the neurologist I thought about the power of the mind and neurology. Neurology is a field of medicine which deals with studies of nervous system disorders. My old biology teacher used to tell us the our bodies nervous system was a lot like the electrical infrastructure of the city we lived in. I loved his analogy. The thought of having high tension power lines and transformers running through us was just kind of cool. “Some times the system doesn’t work just right and this can be from problems with the mind or even the nerves themselves” His words while describing how Alzheimer’s  and dementia works.

The human mind is an amazing machine. I try to read every treatment, article and text I can about the human mind. I am not sure what fascinates me the most about the mind. The power of the mind or the mysteries and unknown powers of the mind.

There    is a phrase used called the placebo effect. The placebo drug has no real power it contains no medication in it but because of a belief in this medicine the mind or brain will release chemicals needed to help treat the illness affecting the body. Note this right now do not replace medical treatment with placebo’s never do that, but understand that the power of the mind is vast and amazing.

The more science learns about the mind and the more we learn to control and quiet our minds the better society will be. Learn as much as you can about your mind and you will find a more full life




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