Change your stars

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“Change your stars and live a better life than I have.” The line is from one of my most favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale. The peasant father who sold the star of the movie to a Lord or knight in the United Kingdom told his son to change his stars.

As early as 25,000 years ago men and women have looked up at the vastness of space and the stars for answers to our past and future. Astrology and Palm reading have been used for predicting the future of humans.  In Japan Palm reading is very popular to this day, so popular that plastic surgeons have offered and for a price  will change your life lines on your palm, surgically.

Will this change our destiny? Not sure how much weight you put into palm reading, or palmistry but this as astrology is an old technique used for seeing mans future.

For me the jury is out on palmistry and astrology. Are the coincidences where the process of events matched the prediction of the stars and the lines of palms merely coincidences or is it fate? I am sure though that men and women have a brain and this brain is a powerful organ that basically controls their body. Our brains control, the nervous system, language, abstract thought, emotions. I really think we should tell people we love them with all our brain as opposed to heart because the brain is it.

When I googled brain, I noticed a link that was a question. The link read if our brain controls our body what controls our brain. I thought for a second and choose not to click the link. Then I thought some more and clicked on the link. It seems the brain is controlled by a delicate balance of everything. So I got to thinking if I can influence my brain through looking at my palms and make my life longer. Than maybe changing my palms through plastic surgery works!

I haven’t made an appointment yet to have my palm life lines changed yet, (and I don’t think they are called lifelines, so I apologize to all the palm readers) but I have ended and began habits I feel will help me life a fuller more happy and longer life so how much different am I than the man having the palm surgery?

Can we change our destinies? I say yes. How? Well that is up to you






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