The year is 2013. Your welcome, and no I am not applying for the job of captain obvious here (have you read his or her blog? pretty funny). I only mention the date early on in this post because it matters to help reinforce my view about seeing your world through rose colored glasses.

So the year is 2013 and on the radio I hear an employee of NASA explain,  how a rover on Mars is exploring new parts of the red planet. It seems before the end of the week that the rover will make it to the top of a martian mountain. On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright piloted the first powered airplane 20 feet above a wind-swept beach in North Carolina. The flight lasted 12 seconds and covered 120 feet. In 2003 Earth and Mars were the closet they had ever been in recorded history and this was 34796786 miles apart. So in  110 years man has been able to advance in flight.  The oldest person alive died in July of this year at 116 years old. Within this woman’s lifetime she was able to seem man do what seemed impossible, to most.

One thing that seems to happen throughout the history of man is the impossible becoming possible. How does this happen is it magic or sorcery? Well kind of. applied science and mathematics can harness the power of the sun and send a man 238,900 miles into space (that’s the distance to the moon), and bring him back. Applied science and mathematics have helped almost eradicate polio, make food grow in the dessert. Applied science and mathematics will one day cure cancer, aids and  malaria. The 116 year old women will become the norm. Pollution will be brought into check. Soon a man will walk on Mars.

The minister in church is speaking to the faith of Joshua. He mentions how when others saw a land full of giants that would do harm to them Joshua saw an opportunity to see the prophecy  of God fulfilled. The minister mentioned how it was this perspective that the believer should have. That although times look bleak we should always have hope. Hope for now and down the road. The breakthrough is about to happen! If you have the wrong perspective you may miss this break through. The Wright brothers first flight was monumental and it only lasted for 12 seconds!

As the minister speaks about Joshua and his perspective I pencil the words rose colored glasses. I then think about my recent road trip. The whole time I wore my sunglasses. The sunglasses helped block out the suns glare so that I could see the road cars, deer and the important things. Putting on rose colored glasses having a positive perspective can help us block out the glare of skeptics and critics. A positive perspective will help us focus on the important things preventing us from reaching our goals.

I am not sure what your goal is. And I am inclined to tell you that it doesn’t matter what it is. Seeing what has happened in a little over  a 100 years, it seems telling someone what cannot happen will end up to be untrue.





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