A tree, a creek, a barn and a fence

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The summer was slipping away. We had been busy all summer, a canceled trip gave us a chance to participate in what I hear some call a stay cation. We woke up late drank coffee read the paper and then went into the downtown area of our thriving “metropolis”. Alright confession time, our city has just over 34,000 souls so we are not exactly metropolis status but there is an art gallery and because it was a Thursday, said art gallery was open.

We walked in and we were immediately greeted by the gallery’s keeper. She let us know that this week the gallery’s display was work by the students of her and the gallery’s one other employee.  She then turned on the overhead lights so we could get a better look at the students work.

The gallery does a Saturday class and this employee teaches the Robb Ross oil painting glass. The other younger employee teaches different classes.Right away I notice an oil painting with a tree, a creek, a barn and a fence. The picture is a green landscape with the creek cutting the landscape into two parts. Some of the creeks are wide and I imagine me as a child wading in and skipping stones. Other creeks are a thin dark blue line and I imagine myself again jumping the rushing creek. The thrill of almost not making it exhilarates me.

In one painting the tree has no leaves at all and is more black than brown. It gives the picture a beautiful and ominous effect at the same time.   Another painting  has a long tree with distinct bright green leaves you feel like nature is ordered and beautiful. One more painting has a more stout bushy tree and it makes me feel more visceral.

I see Bright red barns and other barns are more brown than red. Some of the barns are large and a major focal point of the landscape. You are tempted to jump into the painting and open the door.  Other barns are a little more than a dot on the painting.

The fence is broken in some paintings, others look as though a farm hand just finished shoring the fence up.

One landscape painting, one class, many students. A tree, a creek, a barn and a fence.

We spend a great deal of time in the gallery. I am surprised at all the subtle and not so subtle differences in the painting  and I think about people. The diversity of man has to be one of our greatest strengths.

So many people so different, physically, mentally, spiritually. Sometimes at home or work you can be dealing with something that seems impossible but rest assured it isn’t.

You may have tried what seems to you like everything, but it is important to keep in mind that you and your reality is one of many realities and what seems like infinite possibilities. Reach out socialize get to know more people. Through speech and written word impossibilities will become possible and your life will be far more rich.





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