Would you eat it?

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Good morning, afternoon or evening ( I have no idea when you are reading this blog). I am posting the blog on Wednesday August 7 2013. The story I am referencing in this post is already “old news”. It seems  scientist have created and grew meat not livestock in a lab. No exclamation point after that statement, there will be one after the next. The test tube meat was put into a burger and two people ate it!

Sounds insane right? I know as I read the stories, I was in disbelief but then I thought about it. The world is becoming more crowded, thanks to modern medicine we have seen the human population swell and because of poor farming practices coupled with bad weather we have seen a livestock shortage. There is also all the abuse we have seen by some slaughter houses and meat processing plants. The debate as to whether or not live stock are sentient beings and the morality behind killing one may become mute. So the benefits to lab meat are plentiful and the two who tasted it said that it was “close to meat

Then I began to wonder to myself… Who were the first homo sapiens to drink cows milk?  It seems that it was 7, 500  years ago when man first drank cows milk and according to this science daily release it was someone in central Europe who drank it.

I wonder what happened? Obviously they survived, maybe they enjoyed the taste, maybe not. Maybe others looked at them sideways and blogged about it. I am not sure what immediately happened but I know this morning it was poured over cereal, and had cookies dunked into it all over the world. So in a few thousand years will man be eating test tube lab grown meat. I have to see yes no doubt and here is the coolest part. Me and you were alive when the first one was made and ate!

You are a part of history. A witness to what intellectuals could possibly call an human evolutionary step. Isn’t that cool?

Now would you eat the burger?  I might





some more links about the test tube meat are at the bottom of the post. I apologize for the geekiness of this article. I am actually working on creating a tech blog http://phpsqlworld.wordpress.com/, as soon as it is finished I will have a place to put all my tech geek rants and spare everyone from me geeking out. I know the name on the tech blog needs work. If you have an idea fell free to comment on this post






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