This morning I was prepared to write a post based on a famous quote by a popular playwright and musician.  I went to the Google search page and before I typed in the quote. I noticed something on the Google search page. Today’s Google doodle is dedicated to Erwin Schrodinger.   I love the work of Schrodinger! Ever since I was a child in  middle school, the idea of Schrodingers cat.   The idea that a cat could be both dead and alive at the same time made it possible for scientists in Schrodingers time to work with Quantum mechanics.Photons, sound waves and a flu virus have all been put into “cat like” states.

No many people may be reading this and thinking, whoa what are you talking about, so some background. Schrodinger was a scientist who studied physics and in physics it was accepted that an object was here or there, but could not be in both places at the same time. Einstein was a scientist   as well working in basically the same field as Schrodinger. The two worked together on the creation of  Schrödinger gas model. So I know I haven’t cleared up anything yet, and I apologize. Let me see if this works . Before Schrodinger suggested that a cat could be both alive and dead at the same time with a thought experiment science even quantum mechanics would not accept the thought of an object being in two states or places at the same time. Without accepting this two state being as a possibility the theoretical physics world was limiting itself.

If the theoretical physics world were not to shake itself of this limit, we may not have lasers, the lottery, cryptography, computers, clocks or tele porters. Yes you read right. Tele porters. Do yourself a favor and read this short story and there is this one  also from Time magazine.

I like that to get his peers to think and work outside the box Schrodinger put a cat in a box.

Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects, resulting in a contradiction with common sense. The scenario presents a cat that may be both alive and dead, depending on an earlier random event. Although the original “experiment” was imaginary, similar principles have been researched and used in practical applications. The thought experiment is also often featured in theoretical discussions of the interpretations of quantum mechanics.” — stolen from wikipedia

Sometimes we may feel like we are facing some insurmountable odds and that everything we try ends in failure. Schrodinger was working with some of the most brilliant men in the world and basically being told he was nuts. Turns out he wasn’t. Turns out, he was a genius and his idea has helped save lives! You and your ideas are probably brilliant as well you just need to never give up and maybe think out side inside and about the box, and the cat.





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