No tether?

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Nick Wallenda walked on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon. The walk took a little over 22 minutes,  The daredevil did it without a tether a safety harness or a net.  On NPR Nick explained that he did not use safety devices like these, for his tight rope walk, because he wast  taught safety devices made it easier to fail. The psychology behind this is called   Existential Insecurity (now I know simplifying this term is  unfair to the learned psychologist so I apologize and if you want to learn more about this psychological condition or state, you should it is interesting and there is much more to it than a safety net or tether)  .

When I was 13 maybe 14 my grandfather took me to the driving range to hit some golf balls. We must have hit a thousand golf balls together. The balls came in wire buckets and they kept coming and coming. Grandpa critiqued every shot and had decided after the second bucket that the reason my golf shots were inconsistent, had to do with the fact that I knew I had a bucket full of balls to hit. Some were straight and long others hooked, some were short and some even sliced. If you golf you usually want your tee shots to be straight and long. Grandpa had me imagine I was hitting one ball and there were no more balls to hit only that one ball. Did it make a difference? I would say yes. If not a t golf (I don’t golf just yet, I haven’t retired), then in life it has made a difference for me.

I realized and am beginning to realize that we don’t have the promise of years or weeks or days or minutes for that matter. All we have is right now. This one shot. That is what life really is isn’t it?

Some say this idea is dangerous because people can take away from the idea that there is not a future and therefore they can live without consequence. I disagree the fact that there is not a future or a past makes one immediately face consequences. With realization that only this moment counts we can understand that decisions have to be made and indecision is (because we only have this moment) a decision in itself.

“Seize what’s been handed you. Make smart decisions. Make decisions because life is a temporary situation.”
― James PattersonThe Christmas Wedding


Today do yourself a favor and take away the tether live your life understanding that this action right now may be your last. Do the very best you can and know that you lived a life worth living.  That is what I am going to do.





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