As it is written or It is going to happen

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I was 10 maybe twelve not sure but mom really wanted us to watch a movie as a family. The move was “The Ten Commandments“.  The story was about Moses and the Hebrew nations rise from slavery at the hands of the Egyptians. Charlton Heston played an older Moses who was a Hebrew raised as an Egyptian prince. After realizing he was a Hebrew he was able to sympathize with the Hebrew slaves and was then used by the Hebrew God to free the Hebrew people from his brother who was now the Egyptian leader. I remember, seeing chariots, horses the plagues and some crazy cool costumes the women and men wore, but what I remember most about the movie is how long it was and that it felt like every 15 minutes the Egyptian leader  would say “As it is written so shall it be done.” I had no idea what that meant and to be honest it is still kind of confusing.


I like to imagine it means that the leaders word is law. I also like to believe it means that this proclamation will happen. The later of the two ideas I have for the meaning of this part of the movies script speaks much to the resolution and finality of the world we live in.

Things happen everyday. Deep right? It is true work gets done everyday, I mention this to you in hope that you find encouragement. Whatever it is that you are working on and feel stuck will get done, maybe even today. Because, things happen, everyday. I think the decision is not whether or not something will get done it is whether or not you will be the one doing it or more aptly put will you be doing something when it gets done.

How do you do that? Ahh, I am so glad you asked. Simple do something. Crazy right??  Doing something sounds simple but you would be surprised at how many people do nothing and expect to be part of something. For example (and it is a bad example) “I want to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket.” Another better example would be “I want a better job but never apply for another.” We have our reasons for doing nothing. A lottery ticket seems like a foolish investment, and I kind of like my job. Here’s the deal. Someone will win the lottery and companies are out there hiring people. You just will not be part of that something and it sounds as though you do not wish to be.

The question is which something you want to be part. That is step one (and it is a big one) deciding what you want to be part of. Step two is easy yet necessary, that is do something that makes you part of that. You support some politician (another bad example (I am not a fan of any politician)), stuff some envelopes, organize a local rally. You want a new job, develop a resume, apply call job agencies.

We live in an era where information moves at light speeds and with fast information we have far greater tools to make ourselves part of some of these wonderful things that are happening we just have to do stuff.

(this whole post today reminds me of this hilarious site when you get the chance check out





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