Did you use it all up?

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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You hear coaches telling their young charges to give everything they can for the next hour or forty five minutes. “Leave it all out there on the court!” That is another good one. It is no secret, I love sports I love to watch them and play them and from time to time coach them but I promised someone that I would not make this blog about sports so I digress.

Despite my digression I ask you to close your eyes. Are they closed? Ok, now think about yesterday. Got it? Did you do the best you could? Did you do your best work? I may not have. Today though is a new day. It is the beginning of my day right now and I  can do the best. I can work as hard as I can and produce the best quality ever today. It may not be the start of your workday right now, but now is the start of now, (deep right?)  and whatever it is you are doing now. Maybe it is work maybe it is something at home. Whatever you are doing now you can pour yourself into it, do the very best you can. Do not stop doing what you are doing until you are satisfied and when you are done with the immediate you will have accomplished the goal ahead of you and cultivated a hard work ethic which will make it easier.  This hard work ethic is something that cannot be replaced with anything else!

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The feeling from exhausting yourself in an action is indescribable! To sit down in your chair after this accomplishment is a reward in and of itself. This action of pouring oneself out into whatever it is you are doing develops within you endurance and perseverance.  Thinking about kids and seeing them grow up I sometimes wonder what to tell them. Not that it matters what you say to them, they will hear and do what they want, but if I could have some magical way to say something to them, that they would hear and take to heart,  what would it be?

Maybe (and of course this will change tomorrow), but maybe, I would say… “Tomorrow will come. no matter what happens today tomorrow will come. You will face some really tough stuff. Things will happen that will break your heart. You will be so burdened and hurt that, you may feel as if you cannot breathe, but you will breathe, your heart will beat and tomorrow will come. When tomorrow comes you will feel the greatest joy from being able to say to yourself in the mirror I did my very best yesterday” –john3c




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