Slavery makes slaves of us all

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work.” Wikipedia article on Slavery I read a great book on slavery titled Slavery Today.  The authors of the book had to first establish what a slave is. They aligned with the wikipedia article I quoted in the beginning of this post. In that slavery is treating someone as property by forcing them through harm to do things. I think establishing this base line for slavery was very important for this really good book (when you get the chance you should take a  look at it). Establishing what a slave and what slavery is was important because the term is often used freely. “A slave to the man” ” A slave to love” A slave for God” the quotes could go on and on but a slave is someone who is forced physically to do something.

So with this in mind the book “Slavery Today”, went on to outline the slave situation today. What I found most interesting and disturbing was the amount of slavery today and the low price tag of a slave today. Even within the borders of the United States slavery is alive and well. Of course most countries, to include the United States have outlawed slavery, because it is an abomination, but the practice continues and is growing. The practice of slavery is wrong for many reason, but first and foremost I believe it is wrong because of how it devalues human life.  The devaluation of human life involved in making someone a slave is where this post gets it’s title from. “Slavery makes slaves of us all.” Because the master of the slave has to accept that human life is a commodity to be bought sold and consumed he must accept that his life is a commodity therefore he is a slave just as much as the man or woman he has enslaved.

Now slavery is an extreme situation usually only inflicted by un-feeling sociopaths, but the devaluation of human life happens all to often by otherwise good people. Just the other day (yesterday as a matter of fact) I was speaking with someone at work about the evangelical Christians and the exclusivity of the evangelical christian s take on religion.  I only mentioned it because there was a radio show about a minister who preached the inclusvism doctrine and was excommunicated from his church.  The radio show was This American Life, great show comes on NPR.  I mentioned how first I didn’t think the church still excommunicated people and second that it seemed a little extreme. My colleague went on to tell me it wasn’t extreme and outlined reasons why the excommunication was justified and why Inclusvism was wrong. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure which was right or wrong Pluralism, Inclusivism and Exclusivism. I am by no means a theology expert but I am sure that a souls salvation is a personal thing and should be sorted out between them and god. He did not agree and I don’t know when you take away a souls right to find god in his or her own way I cant help but think you are devaluing this soul.

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Now I now theology was deep and I only went there because I was there yesterday, but there are times everyday when I see someone involved in a desperate situation and I began to judge. I see a homeless man and wonder how he got there. Perhaps this judgement is a form of taking away his value? Should I judge or should I be sympathetic see that mans great value and worth and help? I think definitely the latter should be my course of actions. Our life gets busy with distractions. I can’t help but think, that Aldous Huxley was right when he said that man had an almost infinite appetite for distractions. Despite the distractions we would be best to never sell anyone short. When we do we sell ourselves short. I think the idea of harm done to someone else being harm done to me is almost like a form of reciprocity.  It would be best to keep this in mind every time we interact with others.





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