She didn’t use the rope

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The movie was “The Dark Knight Rises“.  I should warn you now, I was not a fan of this movie. It was a great movie for the kids. Heroe faces adversity and triumphs and as I am reminded by my girlfriend, quite often too, the movie was based on a comic book, so I shouldn’t go looking for a great performance or an in-depth story.  I did and was kind of disappointed the movie is what it is a fun comic book good guy versus bad guy adventure flick. Having said that there is one scene I did like in the movie.


The scene I enjoyed besides the ones with Ann Hathaway playing the part of Cat Woman, was a scene were Batman was trapped in an ancient prison. The prison was basically a pit in the earth. there were no bars or guards. The pit had a stairway which wrapped around the pits walls from the floor to half way up then there was a break in the stair way. After the break there was a landing and the continuing stair way to freedom.  A prisoner could earn his or her freedom, by spanning the gap through an inhuman jump which, was only acomplished by one prisoner… Before Batman that is!

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Batman tried again and again to make the jump and failed. He would tie a rope around his waist make his way to the end of the steps leap and fall only to be caught by the rope. An old prisoner let Batman know how the only prisoner to ever escape made the jump. The prisoner did it without the rope.

 The way the film deals with Thanatophobia did impress me. I think maybe Freud was onto something when he dealt with and explained the fear of death (which is thanatophobia).  As well as the fear of death angle in the act of making the jump with out the rope there is also the act of letting go of the controls which hold us back. 

Freud said that no one really feared their death, because no one really believes in his or her own death. It has something to do with the unconscious mind being unable to process the passage of time.  The fear is something else.  As well as no one really being afraid of their own death. No one can truly micro manage well.

As a matter of fact micro-management has at times been classified as Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Control is an odd concept and most of the time a facade. Understanding what we do and don’t control is tough and even tougher is accepting it. Are you thinking about the Serenity Prayer yet?

Learning to shed the fear of death (I refuse to type that funny looking phobia word again) and understanding that we cannot control the direction of a jump after the launch, is all part of growing up.

It can be a freeing and enlightening experience, growing up if we accept life’s lessons with the right attitude. Although with the wrong one which is of course close minded obstinate one, we may have a really rough life.


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