It is called freestyle chess

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yeah I only heard of this, on Tuesday this week. If I understand correctly, freestyle chess is the act of playing chess by committee. You are allowed in freestyle chess to play with the aid of other players to include computer programs. I have not played chess this way since I was 11 playing against my uncle with my father standing behind me. I am not sure if I would enjoy freestyle chess or not.

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I am really intrigued by this type of chess.  I love the idea of everyone be it a person or a computer working together to influence a players move. I heard someone on the radio, who wrote a book about the future of the United States, and the economic inequality. The writer mentions that players who have experienced the most success with freestyle chess are the ones who usually, but not always, take the advice of the computer. He used this “fact” to make the leap (also many statistics and figures in the book)  that those who will be successful now and in the future should have jobs that can use computers to produce their products in a more efficient matter.

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I love both the idea of man vs machine as well as man cooperating with machine and it seems that with the man and machine as with man and man or man and nature or man and any other force. It seems that, in life, games like chess, and cool sci- if movies, that, he concept of compromise is what is required to survive and thrive.

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