I became and excelled

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was listening to a woman in a high management position outlining how she broke through the glass ceiling in her corporation, through becoming a better boss by engaging with her charges and employing empathy.

Focusing on purpose is what the experts call this change in management or interaction style. Questions which develop a purpose are internal questions and they are

1. What is good for my business?

2. What is good for me?

After realizing the answer to these questions you can be tempted to start work. Well before you do keep in mind that, these questions should be applied to every interaction during your work day.

Is what I am about to do good for my business?

Is what I am about to do good for me?

If you answer yes to both of these questions then you are headed in the right direction. After a yes plan your execution and march on. A no would indicate that something is wrong. After a no answer to either question, you have to ask more questions. Actually one question. Why is this not good for my business? Why is this not good for me?

These internal questions work for all professions and all professionals, but they also work on a personal level. Our lives seem to become more and more busy. As we grow older we may get involved in and start families, then life becomes exponentially busy.  The level of “stuff” to do seems to grow to monstrous heights and I can’t help but wonder, if I were to ask myself variations of these two questions would that help?

1/ Is this good for my family?

Asking this question my put a halt to many of the activities we engage in that do more harm to good. Asking these questions may also open up new ideas and new activities that give us a fuller richer and more robust life.

2. Is it good for me?

This question is one many family leaders forget to ask. We function in a stoic manner with concern only for our children spouses or parents but we forget if we do not take care of ourselves no one will. Also, if you do not care for yourself you will not be able to help others. You are important special and unique. Never sell yourself short take care of yourself and others always.

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I am convinced that by becoming and excelling at everything we do we will find our experiences in our professional and personal lives to be memorable powerful and truly impact the world.





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