We have our rules

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Confession time.. I have not read “Cider House Rules”, I did watch the movie and I absolutely loved it. The movie made me wish I had read the book but I still haven’t maybe I will when I finish reading the book I am a quarter of the way through now. It remains to be seen.

The movie “Cider House Rules” is a heart warming tale centering on an orphan raised by the doctor who ran the orphanage. The orphan grows and learns how to be a doctor. He finally grows old enough to leave on his own and woks at someones apple orchard. Did I mention spoiler alert? Well I will try to keep from spoiling the movie. I only want to mention how the movie got it’s name. He lived with the Apple pickers on the orchard in the cider house and the cider house had the rules posted on the door to the house.

The orphan is told to tear down the rules because they were made and set by men and women who didn’t work or live in the cider house. The house which is the men and women in it had their own rules.

The idea that doctrine being created and defined by those living in the situations for the doctrine is not a new one. The idea for a representative government hinges on this idea. A man or woman of the people decide what is best for the people.  Am I suggesting that we throw doctrine to the wind and create our own versions of right or wrong? No, but let me say this, other than the sanctity of life many of the ideas that we have about right and wrong have been constructed through our individual shared and learned experiences, and it is this attitude that should keep us from passing judgement on others so quickly.


A family does not have to be a Mother Father and 2 1/2 children to be a proper family. A family must exhibit and show love, that is what makes it proper.  The list of doctrine that has been passed down as absolute right is long and maybe a big part of what causes intolerance.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with a personal code of ethics or morals. This is something to admire, but it is wrong to force personal morals and ethics on others and foolish to assume that everyone has the same set of morals ethics or even doctrine. Of course in all of this we can never forget the sanctity of human life, this is something which is and should be universal.





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