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Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My nephew held out the VHS tape as he asked his dad the question. “Dad what is this.” He smiled and answered the question while he felt nostalgic and obsolete all at once.

Things change, quickly and it can become easy to get caught up in the details of something.  Are there still VCR and VHS tapes out there? Yes, but now the delivery method for high and low quality film production is more Blu-ray and digital. Perhaps blu-ray. The delivery method has changed but the need for good content has not. People want to be entertained, educated and inspired, that is what good stories and storytellers do. No matter what the media is, if you lack a good story you will lack an audience and you and your ideas will not be remembered .  I am not big on legacy or trying to be remembered (I probably should be more concerned with that) I  like to think I am more of a “right now, in the moment guy”.  Excuse the digression, whether you are in the moment or a legacy guy the fact remains, they was we receive information changes.


The  idea that changing mediums change the message, is of course wrong and  makes me  think about  “nihil novi sub sole”, the Latin phrase for “nothing new under the sun”. That phrase is a strange and powerful one. When studying history we  may quickly ascertain that the  think that it is incorrect, we see all kinds of change and new things throughout time. There was the horse, the car, the airplane, the space ship. Many changes but still it is all travel right? The mode of travel has changed.   We still have the option to travel by all those means to today.  So what really matters, what really counts is not the way you or I travel it is traveling and you and I. man will always travel, man (and by man I mean mankind so man and woman) will always love and learn and be surprised. Man will always push the limits discover new ways of doing this traveling, loving, learning exploring until he or she doesn’t then there will be change then there will be nothing new, but this has not happened ever since life was introduced on this planet, it has always been learning, exploring traveling, loving.  Ever since the sun shined down on 3.6 billion years ago on the first prokaryotes life has been going on.

Sometimes when we feel our selves getting caught up in all the changes and becoming obsolete it helps to remember that we harbor life. We are living and life will never change. If you do your best to Learn, Love, explore, discover and travel you will truly enjoy living and through living you will realize, that you are not obsolete. Life is never obsolete. Life is an amazing ride and should be enjoyed!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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