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Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My mother and father were firm believers in men and women carving out their futures, in spite of peoples situations.  Mom and dad would always say if you act this way with a little money you will act that way with a lot of money. This may seem depressing but my mom and dad couched this message and delivered it with an optimistic attitude. I felt inspired that despite my circumstances I could still succeed.  Until recently my mom and dads ideology had no teeth.

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While listening to one of my favorite radio shows I was handed the teeth.  The show outlined an economists study which pointed out that people who receive a windfall of money will still do what they do. Men and women who received financial windfalls did not change so that they could gain from the windfall.  The study can be depressing because this would indicate the futility of social programs, but it can be empowering if we realize that the reason someone is poor is because he has made and makes himself that way.

A student of life will tell you if you emulate someone who is smart and learn from them you can also become smart. The same applies wor wealth. Emulation of the wealthy will result in wealth.  You can learn to be rich or poor. This idea also ties into my thoughts that education is key to everything. With a proper education, Dave Thomas was able to learn and move up the ladders. From an adopted high school drop out to one of the most successful and richest men in the United States of America.

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Whatever it is you want to do today, you can learn how to do it or be it and this is the true power of education the ability to make real change happen. Change never comes from outside support like lottery winnings or social programs. Lottery winning social program those are good to help you to survive, but if you want to thrive (yes I hate myself just a little for typing those cheesy words) you have to learn how those that are thriving did and are doing it. I know it sounds simple, but it seems that this as with most things in life is simple and mom was right again.





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