The ones who clapped

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The race was over, I had crossed the bridge and stepped over the finish line under the balloon arch. I had only ran a 5k  but it felt like more. I really enjoyed it and I could hear my girlfriend my kids and her kids clapping, I smiled and walked over to our Motley crew.

I really enjoyed the run I enjoy all of these events and the ones who clapped and clap always make the experience that much better, but as I have grown older I have begun to realize that the number of,  the “ones who clap” dwindle. It is not uncommon, for a juvenile to celebrate a birthday and have 30 + people at the event. Cake, Ice cream, presents and clapping happen. As we get older we start to see not only the clapping but also the crowds, presents cake and Ice cream dwindle. We see the dwindling for many reasons.  As we grow older we become more selective of the people at our parties and events, and we realize that events like a 5k or birthday are also not as big deal accomplishments for adults.

I heard someone ask why the office celebrates birthdays? “There is nothing special about someone getting older.” He is right there is not anything special about a birthday but the person can be special.  It is this concept we really began to understand as adults. The idea of people who are special to us and why they are special.

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I heard another person describe this inner circle idea like this. “No one cares if you finish something unless it affects them.”  I am not sure if it is right or wrong this apathy that we develop for other peoples accomplishments or plights but it is something that happens.  What is important is despite becoming apathetic we should never get malevolent and always stay respectful. We should also remember when our inner circle celebrates with us to be thankful and appreciative for the ones who clap.





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