You have to use your head….

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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That is a phrase I heard often from my grandfather. “You have to use your head, grandson.” Most of the time I heard this on the golf course. He likes golfing. Of course he was right, if we have learned anything from the study of the evolution of man (not to be confused with The Evolution of Roben Thicke (which is a great cd, it really is not one bad song on it!!))it is survival of a species is contingent on higher thinking.

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So in evolution we can see that the Homo genus had overlapping hominid species, many scientists wonder why the homo sapiens were able to survive through this overlapping time. There are many theories but the one I find most interesting is that Homo Sapiens survived and currently survive today because of their capabilities for higher thought and learning. Their understanding and education, helped make their lives longer and gave them more time to have more children who would also live longer fuller lives.  Now there are of course many other factors that made this species last, like adaptation and development of other functions but the development of the homo sapiens brain is by far the most powerful feature in this evolutionary step.

So I think having such a powerful tool and not using it to help oneself and others has to be some sort of crime against nature and just bad practice. It seems grandpa was right. We have to use or heads. If we wish to survive, as a person, family  or other social group we have to use our heads. We must learn understand and apply knowledge.Knowledge which only comes from the higher thought capable in homo sapiens.  Now I am not trying to employ some type of Human Speciesism (that is the idea that one species is better or more valuable than the others). I simply would like to point out that of the species from the homo genus the one which utilized his or her superior knowledge was the one which survived.

If you wish to survive and enjoy life you will have to use your head.





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