How cool are the Gatorade One More commercials?

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I will answer the title of this post, very. I am not going to blog about sports, I promised not to do that some time back, but while watching some sports this weekend I noticed a commercial for Gatorade. The commercial featured men and women performing a sport and the words one more would flash across the screen. I have to admit I love this commercial and philosophy of just one more.

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Let me see there may be some confusion. I will clear this up. Gatorade is a sports drink. When we sweat we loose water and electrolytes. Gatorade has both water and electrolytes.  It is basically a flavored saline solution. Gatorade was made in 1965 by a group of researchers at the University of Florida in response to a request from the Head coach of the Florida Gators football team.  The results were tremendous they drink re hydrated the players far better than water and now Gatorade is found and used by athletes all over the world.

So the One More ad campaign plays on an athletes drive and it’s growth. A weight lifter set up to do 15 lifts but because he is hydrated can now do one more, but can he?  I love this philosophy of One More for a few reasons. First, the idea of one more works for everything not just sports. “I can do better. I can do that again. I can make this car run further on less fuel. I can make this space ship reach Pluto. I can feed the world. I can end disease. I can do one more thing to make my life and everyone else’s just a little bit better. ” I am not sure which nation you live in or come from but here in the United States of America I have been taught and understand that there is nothing keeping this spirit from manifesting itself in our actions but ourselves. Our nations culture is one of pioneers and  explorers, pushing the limits. Always discovering and learning. We always have and I hope always will have “One More” in us.

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday (come on you knew I was going here right?). For most of us Friday is the end of the work week. Do you have One More in you???? I know you do!!





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