How do you encourage others or how are you encouraged?

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was asked this question by someone after I explained to him that his and my beliefs or hopes or faith does nothing to change reality. Now before you go off on a rant allow me to explain to you as I tried to explain to him the facts.  I am convinced that actions change our reality. I can think about getting a new job all I want I can hope to find the woman of my dreams all I want but until some action happens this will always only be a hope. So therefore hope dreams faith are worthless without action.  Some may point to studies done by scientist about the power of positive thoughts.  However if you notice with these studies our thoughts help our bodies by creating chemicals within to heal different issues. So that action of creation, which is often done without and conscious thoughts, is what helped. Now I understand that we may be getting into semantics and a positive outlook is important to have and I was asked by my colleague point blank the question that is the posts title. ” How do you encourage others or how are you encouraged?”


I am not sure but I may have accidentally convinced him that I was a nihilist, and I am far from that. I let him know that our reality is shaped my millions of small events and actions. That I am convinced of  that fact. That me typing this and you reading it are the end results of these millions of actions. The destruction of one man or woman and the birth of another.. same deal. Millions of actions. Some of the actions planned, some serendipitous, but all are actions. So if we are not happy with this moment right now. We should not be discouraged, millions of actions are happening and this will change too. If we are happy with this moment we should realize which actions caused this and perhaps mimic those actions so to repeat this moment.

I noticed that it can be easy to feel discouraged and when people ask for or I look for encourage myself I always like to mention that this. Since, what you are experiencing happened as a result of millions of actions, small changes can make huge differences.





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