The risks of not acting are far greater

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I tweeted. Yes I used a hashtag. It was succinct and to the point. “Free the #Arctic30”. Yep that was the whole of my tweet.

You may be asking right now, who are the Arctic30. Let me see. On September 19th, a vessel owned by Greenpeace and operated by 30 Greenpeace activists, sailed to the Arctic. Boarded a oil rig with the intentions of placing a banner. The whole crew was apprehended and charged with piracy. Piracy is a serious charge in Russia (o that is who apprehend and charged the activist from all over the world).   The 30 as of me writting this article are still in a Russian detention center (jail) and are still being charged with piracy. Piracy carries with it in Russia about twenty years sentence.

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Diplomacy is in  action the United Kingdom, United States and Argentinian diplomats are trying to broker deals to free their citizens. It is hard to say what will happen to these men and women. Russia is not known as a country to care much for the rights of individuals (sorry Russia, I have watched you imprison women for playing concerts in a church and  men for being gay, none of these actions inspire me to believe you care about the individual). I feel terrible because these men or women may spend at least a decade in an over seas jail on what seem to be false and trumped up charges. If you would like to help you can visit this link.

In an interview a spokesperson for GreenPeace mentioned that the destruction of the Arctic is causing catastrophic damage throughout the world and that the 30 crew members of the Sunset (that is the vessels name) new and felt burdened over this truth.  It was with this burden that the crew left to hang the banner. They new the risks of their actions and they understood the risks of not acting were far greater than the risks of acting.

There are moments in our lives like this. We do not want to take action action brings change and no one likes change, but we face some eye-opening moments when we realize that our inaction’s are causing us some pain and problems.  My hope for me and my children is that when faced with moments like that we will be brave and courageous like this crew.




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