Your head and your heart

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I watched a movie once.It was called 2001 a Space Odyssey. In the movie there were some chimpanzees hanging out doing chimpanzee stuff.  A big black monolith just appears and one of the chimpanzees realizes that he can use the bones of the animal he and his buddies just ate to kill the other chimpanzees. He kills them and rises to the heap of the chimpanzee social structure. My son Johnathan asks “hey dad what is the black box?” I let him know it is the box that the dvd came in. He laughs and says no really what is it. I tell him that it represents an era in development of a species. A time when the species realizes how to advance. He likes this answer better and goes on to enjoy a really good movie. Really good move!!

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I think the monolith was an artistic representation of a leap in evolution that enable the chimpanzee to utilize higher thoughts, make tools and well destroy the lower thinking animals. The leap in the evolution of a species involves many things. Drastic changes in a species dna being the most dramatic. It is these changes that enable a being to adapt and survive.  It is these changes that have enabled humans to rise to a place as a sentient being.  (In school I was taught that human beings were at the top of the food chain, later in life I learned this was false. In school I was also taught that humans were the most evolved species, this was another fact I learned to be not true, but humans are sentient and self aware beings).



I am excited about all the knowledge our species has obtained and understands. It seems that, with the right amount of education, truly nothing is impossible. However, for our species to survive, application of our knowledge has to be done with compassion and respect for all species. Without this respect and compassion our extinction may come quickly.

So today is Monday and the start of most of our work weeks. My challenge to myself and everyone else is this. Take advantage of the highly evolved brain through learning as much as you can and then take advantage of your heart and love hard (now I know the heart doesn’t control compassion and that i also the brain, but I love you with all my brain just doesn’t sound right)





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