Let’s Prove it

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are a great nation! No I am not a jingoist, I am an elitist. I know it seems like semantics. I mean many people would replace the word jingoist with patriot, but that is tough. For me a patriot respects and loves his country but understands it is only as good as the whole of her citizenship. A jingoist does not understand the idea that a country is her citizens for a jingoist there is this idealism that the country makes the man great. I think that is why I say I try to be a patriot an elitist but not a jingoist.

I only mention this because of a radio show I was listening too. On the radio show they were speaking about the United States government and the debt debates. One listened said “the United States is the greatest country ever and I wish our government would prove it.” I loved that statement because she is right.

The United States is the greatest but if you are like me, you may realize that the greatness of any country is not in its elected officials, military might or social infrastructure, it is in it’s peoples spirit and will.   It has always been and always will be this way.

It can sometimes feel disheartening to see the world and nations politics playing out but that is when a nations citizens must act civil towards each other with respect and compassion. This is what makes America and every other country great. The citizens who take care of themselves and others. The men and women who wake up every morning and pour themselves into what they do for others.

The politics will change and the politicians despite making laws to protect themselves will fade away. But the legacy of respect, compassion and hard work will endure.  So take heart we are a great nation and that fact has is in spite of, not because of our politicians.



There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.
Ralph Nader


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