He has only meet three

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was listening to an interview with Henry Winkler and during the interview Henry Winkler mentioned how he had in his whole life only meet three people who were not people he really liked. I thought about the impact of the stars words. He is an older man and has meet many people. A lot of the people he meet and meets are in the “Hollywood set”, so I can imagine that there is a certain amount of vapid sensibilities that comes with these folks and of all he has only meet three.

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I think this number is low and it speaks to the mans positive outlook on life and relationships. I have no doubt that this positive outlook has made this man a treat to be around and helped with his wildly successful career.  We have to work and deal with people on a regular basis and I am pretty sure none of us are the age of Mr. Winkler yet, so wouldn’t you love to say that you have only meet three people you do not like. Do yourself a favor today, and before you began to go down a road of disdain for someone. Empathize not sympathize, no one wants sympathy, but really try and put yourself in that other persons position and  see the situation through their point of view this will help with your attitude and with finding solutions to tough problems




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