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Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is a new book that is for sale and downloaded, yet unread on my kindle (it is on my to read list just two books away). The book is called “Life at the Speed of Light”, it is written by Craig Venter Jr.  Mr. Venter is one of the most brillant minds in the 21st century. He was the lead on he prohect to map the human genome and has been involved in many high profile experiments and while I haven’t read the book yet I have listened and read interviews and essays by Mr. Venter.

The book should outline his and his companies work in genetics and biology and, of course without reading it, what interests me most (after reading it there may be a hidden gem which will peek my interest) in the book is the ability to send genetic code via the internet to a box and generate life. The life that is being generated is dubbed synthetic life, but is it real? I mean it serves it’s purpose.

download (40)education-is-the-proper-way-to-promote-compassion-and-tolerance


In an interview Mr. Venter mentions that, with mankind’s understanding of the genome, and with advancetd technology, We will see jumps in evolution at a very fast rate. What will life look like in twenty years? Thirty forty years? It will be exciting to see and be a part of this. My hope is that the advancements in evolution will cause harmony within all life. This harmony however can only be brought about with understanding and knowledge. So I need to get reading right? Learn as much as we can and apply it with compassion.

No matter what direction life is heading education and compassion will be the rudder that steers our ship right.



Synthetic life 


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