Look out! It’s the devil!

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Last week I was at the foot of our driveway sitting in a folding chair, next to a skeleton and my son, handing out candy. Me, Kyle and Jack handed out candy to Iron Man. kittens, ghosts, zombies, werewolves Hobos and the devil. I love Halloween and trick or treating. You get to see the kids in the neighborhood all dressed up in costume and hand out candy it is a really fun holiday.

While handing out candy I would comment on the younger kids costumes o, how scary they were or how tough they looked. I saw a young girl had to be maybe 8 years old or younger dressed as the devil and I told Kyle to “look out because it was the devil”.  Kyle feigned fear handed the little girl some candy and she went on her way to fill her bag.

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Two weeks ago I read an article about the psychological implication for a belief in Satan or pure evil.  Can someone be intrinsically evil? It seems that a belief in Satan or manifestation in pure evil promotes a belief in this intrinsic evil existing in a person.  Now I am certain there are those who belief in pure evil, but those folks are the exception to the rule.  Why does it matter though?

Well in the article it outlines how those who believe in pure evil also believe that since pure evil can be manifest that it can also be eradicated.  This eradication makes the process of criminal rehabilitation a sort of fools errand for believers in pure evil.

So it can seem and I know this is totally pop psychology and lacks depth and I apologize for that, but it seems that those who belief in pure evil maybe a type of subscriber to the absolutism philosophy. There is a co worker at the office who likes to engage me in some philosophical discussions.  He is at heart an absolutist, and I know it shouldn’t but this philosophy makes me feel a little uneasy.

So the believer in pure evil would let you know that eradication  of evil can happen through eradication of the originator of evil the devil. I pose this question to that belief.  What made the devil evil? I am not sure what religion you adhere to, but I am a follower of the Christian faith and in the Christian texts the devil or Lucifer had his origins in heaven. He was God’s favorite angel until he choose to be more powerful than God and in a failed coup was banished with his followers from heaven. So if Satan is the manifestation of pure evil we can see that according to the Christian faith he is not the originator of evil.

I don’t know? The concept of evil is a tough one. The idea of pure evil without rehabilitation is an even tougher one for me. If pure evil could be eradicated through the destruction of people who are pure evil life would be simple. I could simply tell Kyle to “Look out! It’s the devil!” He could grab the pitch fork and free us all from evil, but this is not the case. It seems the origins of evil are unknown and the eradication of evil far more complicated than a witch hunt.

Despite the complicated nature of evil and the lack of pure evil I find hope in the idea that there may not be pure evil because if there is not pure evil than there is a incredible opportunity for redemption, rehabilitation and forgiveness.


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