Here they come (the grammar police*!.?)

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“No your grammar errors in an blog that you publicize is indicative of the person that you are…  you don’t care about the way people see you and therefore it shows in other areas of your life… If it fits you then that’s ok… no one is judging you for that… that is the key point “judging”…that it a crock that weak people use in order to not have to do anything to fix their problems!  Just food for thought: Exposing sin in my sermon doesn’t make me a judge. However, not preaching on sin for fear of a man’s response makes me a coward. And God can not use a coward.”

That is a quote from a colleague of mine at work. He moonlights as a minster. We had been involved in a philosophical conversation at work and I mentioned that for me it seems that the way to look at or judge or speak to others speaks more about our self than the people we are judging.

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I then proceeded to, foolishly, point out the judgmental clergy and their willingness to use sermons as exposes,  digging up and convincing people of their sins. I told him that I had sort of mentioned this in my blog and sent him this link.  The blog talks about an older man who has only meet three people he didn’t like and I went on to talk about how our experiences with others are a result of probably 80 % us and 20 % them. The words kind reception come to mind for me when I thing about how we should conduct ourselves with every relationship and interaction.

That was when I was treated with the above response. So in response I wanted to answer his response.

Let me start with the grammar police. I realize that my blog posts can be ripe with grammatical errors. Let me say this one of my favorite authors was ee cummings. Despite his grammatical errors I find his context and prose to be incredible. On a religious anecdotal note There was a sermon at a church one speaker was well dressed. The other was dressed in humble and austere clothing. The well dressed man approached the lectern and delivered an articulate message. The crowd was informed but unmoved. The poorly dressed man approached the lectern and spoke in a highly inarticulate manner. The crowd was moved to tears. Grammar and articulate speech can only get you so far at it’s heart content is what matters. Are my blog posts full of deep content ehh I don’t know I enjoy typing and posting and I hope those who read enjoy reading them. Despite my poor grammar.

The second charge in the diatribe Is one of not caring about the way people see me. Ahh yes that is true. And thanks  for that (see the bad grammar with the and?). I hope that my legacy will not be one of “he cared about what people think of him, but more of John always tried to do the right thing.”  I have a few people who I do not want to disappoint but at the top of the list is myself and I am most disappointed with myself when I am faced with right or wrong and I choose wrong.  It happens I have not always done the right thing, but I am learning and I like to think growing more and more each day.

There is then the judging claim. Or the no one is judging you claim. Well I think we have a problem with understanding of the definitions of words. Judging or judgement: means to form an opinion and to decide critically and or to infer. If a clergy telling someone who lives a certain way that he is a sinner is not judging well maybe I need a new dictionary? My girlfriend once told me about a psychology class she had taken in the class  the instructor opened on the first day with this gem: “Look to your left and your right. Do you feel like you are being judged. That is because you are. Your peers have judged or are judging you. This is what humans do.” It may not be good, this judgement of others but it happens. To not act on our judgement of others that is what makes someone in my judgement a bigger person. I don’t see that when the clergy preaches out against sin. I see a clergy trying to whip a flock into a frenzy with a common enemy, that enemy is sin and evil. Am I looking for a crutch that would help me avoid a journey to self discovery. I certainly hope not. I have made some serious changes throughout my life so far (especially after my kids were born) I think these changes demonstrate that I am not looking for a crutch just merely indicating my judgement. 🙂

Let me see as far as exposing sin in a sermon., For me a Sunday sermon should not be an expose. Those sitting in a church, temple or a mosque (apologies to any religion I missed) are not there because they need to realize their need for god. Our spiritual leaders when they judge and preach against something are then either describing the waters a man or woman is drowning in or creating a battle cry. I have never been a fan of the mob mentality.

Now I don’t think there is such a thing as a coward or a brave man or woman just people who do brave or cowardice acts. As far as god not using a coward well I would point to, for the Christians reading this post, the religious text in the gospel of Luke

Luke 19:40 He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”  To say god cannot use a coward (if you believe a man or woman can be such a thing) would be to limit god.

So that is my answer. I apologize for my poor grammar. I hope this does not make my posts less enjoyable.


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