Those silly titles

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I like my job. I really do. I am a geek at heart and my job allows me to work with and on computer software and hardware so this is like a perfect storm for me. Part of the storm is navigating through e-mails from people in different positions.  I try my best to read every e-mail in it’s entirety. Someone took the time to write or type it. Seems only right that I should read it.  I will admit one thing though, no matter how hard I try I cannot stop my eyes from rolling when I see the titles after some of the names at the bottom of the e-mails.

download (44)

I am no expert in office etiquette but a good rule of thumb for titles at the bottom of an e-mail should be that; “your title should not be longer than your name, Your title should not  include, more than one acronym and your title should not include your education credentials .” Yes I have read e-mails with titles that have broke all those rules.

So why the eye roll, well I have my reasons first would be that an e-mail should be sent and read and known for it’s content. Content is king! When you put a title that is longer than you first and last name well now you are taking away from your important royal content. Let people read understand and react to your e-mail content not your title.

Second, we know you are proud of your accomplishments and achievements and you paid a lot for that PHD or MBA but you don’t need to tell us that. Most people reading your e-mail do not care what degree you have. most people who work with you do not care what degree you have. People who work with and for you only care about one thing. Can you do your job and help them with theirs.

Finally the whole idea of titles seems superfluous.  I really think that the hierarchical system is over rated and odd. When it comes to leadership I love this quote:

“Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front.” – Nelson Mandela

Leadership and position should really be less about titles and more about content. Content is King!!

(now go fix your e-mail signature block before everyone rolls their eyes at you)




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