What type of person?

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Have you been to the site http://www.jezebel.com ? If not you should it is a pretty good site. Just yesterday I was listening to an interview with the sites founder, Anna Holmes. She was commenting on how she started Jezebel so that women could have a media outlet that catered to them.

She pointed out how many magazines and websites fail to do this. I have to say I agree that many sites and media outlets fail to do this for woman and as a man I would say that the mainstream sites and magazines fail to do this for men as well. I am not sure why but a lot of the websites today try so guard to focus on one type of person that they fail to accommodate the well rounded person.

The well rounded man or woman is of course someone interested in many things. Art, business politics. I try to stay as well rounded as I can. Shouldn’t we all





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