How will you celebrate?

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow will be the 214 observance of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States of America. To those who argue that Thanksgiving is older I would concede in that, the religious thanksgiving is 3 years older but, the celebration is still younger. How will you celebrate? Will you sleep in, then cook clean treat family and friends to a huge meal in which turkey is the main course? Or maybe you are visiting some family. Some folks will celebrate at work. Yes there has been a new trend in which more and more businesses are staying open on thanksgiving day. This idea is a hard sell. At least for me, it is.
There has to be a line were people matter more than profits. “Profits made out of the distress of the people are always much smaller than profits made out of the most lavish service of the people at the lowest prices that competent management can make possible” Henry Ford

This morning I read an article about some states which made it illegal for retail operations to open on certain holidays. The idea that litigation had to be put in place to keep thanksgiving sacred may say much to the current psyche of the North American business culture. It may say that greed has crept in or has always been there overpowering things like tradition and gratitude. I certainly hope not. My hope is that these laws are in place to prevent the companies on the fringe. I guess time will tell.
Happy thanksgiving everyone!
After a post like this I cannot post tomorrow. So I will see everyone on Friday.



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