That’s my job right? Or is it yours?

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok so Sunday I went to church and the sermon was again from the book of James. The theme of the sermon and the scripture was faith without works. The preacher mentioned how this happens far to often in church, with religious types. The religious man or women believes a certain way and fails to work this way.

The religious mans believes he should help the needy or the poor, but he decides someone else will do it. That, “is not his job”.  Oh those words, “not my job” I have heard them so often and I am not an older worker! So many people for so many different reasons have told me this, and I have been told this in so many different situations. At work as an employee, at businesses as a customer, at charitable organizations as a volunteer. I have heard it a lot! Every time I hear it I cringe. It feels like “nails on a chalkboard” to me.

The minister on Sunday, spoke about how many times we feel it is not our job to be charitable to help the needy. It is their families job, the ministers job, the red crosses job or gods job. Well he went on to explain that we are wrong. Work should not be defined and boxed up into a vocation or specialty.  In business, charity and in life we will be called on  by many to do many different tasks. Tasks that will be way outside our comfort zones.  Your compassion will create a burden to help those who seem helpless and it will be messy and dirty, but if you do not help, if you decide it is not your job, you will miss out on a feeling that is indescribable.


Be compassionate, help those who need it and those who don’t. Do it for yourself not the one you are helping. Do it because it is your job. The red cross, the family, the minister and god need you to do it.  A while back ago I posted about man being the miracle he or she is looking for. I think this philosophy ties in here.  We often look outwards for what we have within us. You and me can do way more than we think we can, but we have to shed off the idea that we have a job or specialty and develop a DIY mentality.  Do It Yourself!

Like I said before when you don’t do this yourself when you pass up the opportunity for work and service you are only hurting you. Be a worker today.





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