This time it feels different

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

It may not be, that still remains to be seen but it feels different so far. Oh, you may be confused, let me explain. Last  month, as in 3 days ago, marked the end of my third NANOWRIMO contest. Ahh still confused? Ok so NANOWRIMO is the write a novel in a month contest.

An average novel is 50000 words long, so there is your goal start on November 1st and end on November 30th. The goal is 50000 words. This year I fell short, by about 23000 words. I have so far, typed 27000 words. Last year I completed my novel and the first year I was 30000 words short.

The first years novel is still unwritten. I may never finish that novel I ran into a block. I had no ending for the story.  This year, this lost is different. I didn’t hit a block. I know how I want my story to end and I am still typing. This year I ran out of time. I could blame many things, I have been busy, but I was lazy. I was slower than I should have been but I will finish, because I have an ending.

It is important to learn from our losses. Writing a book is a process, one in which I am in no means an expert at, but everyone engages in the process differently. From the first lose I have learned that, I should start my books with a beginning middle and end and allow the books to develop.

There is no shame in loosing. You give it your best and it is not enough. The shame is when someone doesn’t learn from lose and gives up. I like to belief that I have learned from my first lose and now I am learning from my second loss.


The first lose taught me that I as a writer, need a plan. The second lose, the one from 3 days ago, has taught me to not be lazy and work everyday. (I skipped a few writing days this week).  I have analyzed my loss, but have I learned from it? We will see next November, won’t we?

“Everyone has a book inside of them – but it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out.” – Jodi Picoult

NANOWRIMO is a great project and site you should check it out and you can do it!





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