Ok now let’s Tear it down!!

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

My son Johnathan when he was in kindergarten and me now. That is the short list of people who enjoyed my favorite lego past time. Build a building, a car a space ship, a house and a school, then “Let’s tear it down.”  When I think about tearing it down I can’t help but think about the single by “The Phantoms”.  You may be thinking right now, what song is that. It is the song on the Lowes commericals that says “sometimes you have to tear it down to make it beautiful. I am really sure why I enjoy doing that and I dont think Johnathan still does. But I do I enjoy building things and then I also enjoy tearing them done.

I think that may be it. The tearing down means I can build it again and that is where the fun, for me is. In the tinkering and building. Now if I were to put a philosphical spin on this, I would mention that this is my letting go of “control” exercise. The Budha taught his followers to let go of the “control” they assumed they exercised and by doing so they would realize how freeing and rewarding life would be.


Now I am not sure about this act being a philosphical exercise for me it has always just been fun, but I am sure of this, no matter what you think you are not in control of your life. I like to imagine every man woman and child as a ship. Now I know, this is not an original thought but it is true. We are ships and we can guide and to a certain extent manuever our selves in life but we in no way can control our lives.

Their are things that will happen despite your best efforts to prevent them and that is tragic and tragedy but if you try to seize and keep this facade of control that you imagine you have it will be like you are creating your own personal hell.

What I try to do is enjoy the moment, set my sails hope for the best and then enjoy that next moment. No matter what I am doing, or where I am doing it. This can be hard sometimes, but it is much easier than trying to control the uncontrollable.

So don’t be afraid when everything crashes down because sometimes you have to tear it down.





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