Kinda missing the point

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I am not extremely political. I try hard to never weigh in on politics, because well everyone is right. Of course if there views are not the fringe ones which would harm men or women based on race or religion. So as far as United States politics go I feel that every party is right.

I think though recently both parties have missed the point.  I like some parts of the legend of Theodore Rosevelt. Of course there was the terrible way in which the man romanticized and sent soldiers to war, basically ruining the relationship between the United States of America and Latin America, but he did bring to the forefront the idea and policies which promoted an equality of opportunity for all American citizens.


Equality of opportunity.  That is to me intrinsic to the American dream. The land of opportunity.  Story after story of immigrants, college dropouts,  silver spoons all types of people working hard and experiencing success. This success story is accessible no doubt in my mind because here in The United States of America we have this equality of opportunity as opposed to an equality of station.

Let me explain as quickly as possible (to late right?). The idea that everyone should live at the same level is different than the concept of equal opportunity a social program which is a mandate, is not an opportunity, it is a shackle.   I am not political but I do not agree with a government program that forces anyone to participate.

Now the concept and difference of a mandate and an opportunity is something which comes with education.  Once again education is key. With the appropriate education we can realize trends and stop trennds which result in the loss of rights and promote ones which result in more liberty and opportunities.


What do you look for?




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