I like muzak

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Donald Fagen one of the stars of Steely Dan, was being interviewed and made that comment. He said that he liked Muzak because he thought it was ironic. He goes on to mention how he likes MUZAK, his mentioning this makes me laugh a little. Mostly because he is a pretty good musician and MUZAK is not known for featuring great music.

Donald explains why he likes MUZAK and I understand and enjoy why he likes MUZAK. Donald explains that MUZAK is kind of the sound track for a time for him when the cold war was at it’s height the world was on the edge of a nuclear tragedy and people were given MUZAK as a distraction. That is why Donald liked it, because of it’s irony.

I wasn’t really that old during the cold war I was between the ages of 8 and like 16 years old so I went through the cold war blissfully ignorant. So MUZAK did not help distract me it simply annoyed me as it still does today.

I am not a MUZAK fan but I am a music fan. I like the idea though, of a sound track for life. I wonder what will be on my soundtrack..

What music would be on your soundtrack?






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