The one book

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Internet rumors are a buzz and the word is that, the one book Steve Jobs had on his I Pad will be made into a movie. So an answer to your first question, the book is called “The Secret”. The answer to your second question, well I don’t know why he only had one book on his I Pad. Maybe it was his favorite, maybe he enjoyed reading from an actual page turning paper cut giving book.

I like to believe that, the reason the CEO of the company which created the I Pad only had one book was because of how profound this book had of an impact on his life. Maybe it was his favorite book. Do you have a book like this? Close your eyes. Are they closed? No they aren’t you are reading this. Ok so don’t close your eyes just think hard and try to conjure up your favorite book what is it? Do you have it? It is hard to do there are so many good books out there.

Currently, my most favorite book would have to be “The Last Lecture”. I read that book on a plane ride to Massachusetts. The book is incredible. A perfect graduation present. I couldn’t put it down and the lessons from that book were amazing! But before that, I would have to say “White Fang” has always been one of my tops.

Books are special. They touch us in a way that almost no other interaction can. When we read we engage in an almost intimate act with the author we share his or her inner thoughts and are connected. The author could be gone from this world but, what he penned, his or her thoughts and feelings are on display. We read and decipher and flesh them out.

Everyone should have a favorite book. For whatever the reason and it will change. There are so many books out there. We are unique silly creatures, man and because of that the books we read and lay claim to as the best will change.  Do we need to be empowered, encouraged, coddled, or some escape? Well… there’s a book for that

Do yourself a favor. Find a book today, dive into it and enjoy




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