But that is so tough….

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Secrets to success. hmm what are they? What is it that successful people do differently? A lot of things and it is varied. The answer is. Successful people in what aspect. Business, life sports. What makes them successful?

There are always more questions than answers. Always. I think that P. L. Travers had it right when he said “there are no answers only questions”.  In case you were wondering she is the author of the wonderful “Mary Poppins” really good movie!! Another movie is coming soon to a theater near you, called “Saving Mr. Banks”.The movie is about Walt Disney and Travers working together to bring Mary Poppins to the silver screen. The name “Saving Mr. Banks” comes from the name of the family who hired Mary Poppins. The Banks of course you Disney fans knew that already. Please pardon my digression back to success and questions. I guess what is success for you? To be happy and healthy? To be rich and fat? To be happy healthy and wealthy? See all the questions? Whatever successful is there is one thing I can think of that successful people do and they do it often.

Successful people do the hard stuff. Yep. Mom and dad were right. Well if you had my parents and they told you what mine told me. Which, peppered in among many priceless life lessons, was “Life is hard”. Yeah simple profound and true. Life is hard so you have to do hard stuff.

The only way to succeed in life is with personal growth. No matter what your definition of success is.  Growth only comes through overcoming difficulties. Learning skills that are tough. A new instrument, math for some of us, a different language. There is some skill or technique you would like to know but it is or was “way to hard” to learn and you have never “had the time” to learn it.

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Listen “make the time” and learn it. 2014 is almost here make it a new years resolution if you need to. I will learn to fill in the blank and then do it. You will find that you are a changed person who can do anything. Because you, slayed this dragon everything else for 2014 will pale in comparison.  Trust me on this. If you want to be successful you have to meet and beat difficult things.

You can do it.





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