Hey, it’s going to happen.

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Failure! That’s what it is. That is what is going to happen, you will experience some type of failure in your life. Something is not going to work right for you. You are going to try and not get the results you want. Now I know if you are over the age of 15 and reading this post, you are probably thinking something like, thanks captain obvious, I had no idea I was going to fail because that didn’t happen to me like a million tines already.  So you may know that failure will happen already but did you know this, successful people fail? Yeah, they do they fail a lot. They fail often and they brush it off. Do the failures hurt less? Do they want want they are after less than unsuccessful people? I don’t think so. If that isn’t it than what is it? How do the successful people brush off failure? How can successful people fall a hundred times and get up a hundred and one? How do successful boxers get hit round after round and stay in there through all 13 rounds? What is it? Are they numb? Well there are a few things that keep people going when the going gets tough.

If you have read almost any other post on my blog, you should know that I am a firm believer in the power of an education and knowledge. The chances of success for a fair game are the same for all players involved in the game or event. Now four years ago, before I understood math, I may have typed something about the law of averages here, but that was before I understood math and before I knew that the law of averages in almost every case is hooey.  What no way! The law of averages is gospel it is science. If I get a hundred no’s I am in the position to get a yes, that is how it works. No it is not! The law of averages or “The gamblers fallacy” is not right. There is not a set amount of times something will happen. Every time I flip a coin there is a 1/2 chance for how many times that coin will fall heads up. No matter how many times the coin fell face up. So if it isn’t the law of averages what is it. Well remember earlier on in this post when I used the words, “in a fair game”? Yeah fair is important to keep in mind there. See a successful person knows that life isn’t fair. Someone always enters a situation with an edge. If I were to toss a weighted coin or roll weighted dice the odds would favor one outcome more than the other. Life is weighted and unfair. Men and women learn and do their best to position themselves into an unfair position so that the outcome of the situation will favor them, then they apply hard work and wait for luck.

So when a successful person fails they learn. Why did they fail? Did they lack the edge? If the answer is yes they acquire said edge and try again. Did they not work hard enough? If the answer is yes they try again and apply harder effort. Was luck simply not on there side? That one is easy they just try again.

See what seems like a brush off is more than that. Failure is a learning opportunity, a chance  to get better and know more about who you are.

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

― Albert Einstein

To succeed you have to fail and learn from said failure. If you learned from a failure, I have to ask you was it really a failure after all? I challenge you and me and all of us today get out there and fail, try again and fail and try again and fail whatever you do today never ever give up and never stop learning. That would be true failure, giving up and refusing to learn.





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