When up is down, or like left or right

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

So in the morning I have a routine. I enjoy reading the news then writing in this blog and finally I top my mornings off with a brain workout on the http://www.lumosity.com website. The games are fun and they tell me that it will make me smarter, god knows I need that. There is one game in some of my workouts that I really enjoy. I am not good at it but it is a challenge and a lot of fun and I like to believe I am getting better at it.

Ok, I am going to try and explain to you, my favorite game. Ready? Imagine a penguin, now imagine two penguins on an iceberg. One on ether side. In between the two penguins there is a maze and a fish at the end of the maze. The gun sounds and the race begins. You can direct your penguin using the arrow keys on your keyboard. As the race continues the ice berg rotates and up can become down, or left or right or back up. So that is my favorite brain workout right now.


I like it because the idea that, up can change when the iceberg rotates is very profound. This feels that way in life sometimes. We have our priorities and we know where are home is but then we leave home for college and with it we create a new home and it can feel like up is down and we can get turned around, unless we focus on the fish. Staying focused on what is important is.. well important.  Some people call it prioritizing, that sounds good. Whatever you want to call it, don’t forget how important it is. Without setting our prioritizes on what really matters, you can feel like up is down or left or right and just get all messed up, then the other penguin will steal your fish, leaving you cold and hungry on an iceberg.




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