Bring on 2014

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Christmas has come and gone. The cookies are eaten, the presents open and the tree is out of the house, on the lawn and waiting to be picked up by the trash men. I enjoy Christmas as much as the next man. Celebrating the birth of the savior, the end of winter and understanding the importance of the love and hope the holiday represents, but now Christmas is over. So what do you do on the day after Christmas? In 1776 the American troops were celebrating their victory from the 25th at the Battle of Trenton (by the way, happy Battle of Trenton Day it is going to be a thing!).
Me and my girlfriend usually spend the day after Christmas checking the store for sales (really early in the morning), while at the store I noticed some 2014 paraphernalia on the shelves. I began to think about it. Soon it will be 2014 we will drink champagne kiss our loved ones and sing “old lang syne”, the Scots poem says a lot about kindness relationships, that are gone and ones we have. Kindness love respect, these are what got you through this year and is what will get us all through 2014.
So while we enjoy the traditions we should also remember to be good to ourselves and each other.



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