Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok, I try hard not to complain about my city council. I and my fellow citizens elected them, and they are in a thankless job. I mean really when the city government works nothing is said when it doesn’t… Well I may blog about it.
This morning on the front page of the paper there is an article about a new city ordinance.the long story short, you cannot leave your trash can curb side for more than one day before or one day after trash pick up. Penalty for the offense is, a warning and then a fine.
The city and mayor state that this is to help waste management and to keep our city beautiful. I call this hogwash and a violation of citizens rights. If we are not careful the city will give you tickets for lawn ornaments.
There is cost associated with legislation and the enforcement of legislation. I wish the city would spend the money and resources on something that really would make it more beautiful like a dog park. Our city has an ordinance at all parks, no dogs allowed, but there is not one dog park. The money spent telling men and women what to do at their homes could have been spent helping.
I don’t think this legislation has anything to do with helping the city out. I think it is purely government for governments sake and I say to the ones who enacted it shame on you and to those of us who believe it really? Because I am not buying it not one bit.



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