Now I understand.

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night, the sky was clear and you could see hundreds of stars. I pointed it out to my girlfriend, and she responded with, “now I understand, what you are talking about.” She was understanding about my support of, the Dark Skies Iniative. See the dark skies initiative is a group which fights light pollution. With to much light from earth the dark skies will be gone and with them our view of the stars.
Some may say”so.” I say, “there is so much out there to loose it would be awful.” I could go through and let everyone know just how much space exploration has given our society but I encourage you too find a clear night and empty sky. After you have found the clear night and empty sky, go look up. If you can see the star canopy the same one me and my girlfriend did and still say so then that is just sad.
Modern lighting is amazing wonderful and an important tool, but if we do not use it correctly we may loose the stars. Most of the time, when asked to have a dark night, cities will complain about a lack of safety or comfort but with new lighting technology like LED we can get our star covered nights back. There is still hope, for star gazers.





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