Don’t buy the illusion

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

This morning I listened to an interview on NPR with the artist Pharrell Willams. The artist is an incredible talent, I am (in case you cannot tell a huge fan), he was asked if, he felt that his influence was too strong. He laughed off the question and mentioned that there is a type of illusion the public is sold and that he was more lucky then influential. He told us that anyone can do what he did. I have to say based on what I have read seen and heard people do I have to agree. Ironically two days ago I heard an interview with Enrique Iglesias, he was asked about this huge mansion, he was rumored to have bought. He commented on how the house was not his. The record company bought and staged it for him.

Men and women with hard work determination and a little luck can do anything! We are quick to crown our peers king and queen. This February there will be a Super Bowl football game and the National Football League will crown one team the champions. Competition demands we find a winner but that winner was only the best for that moment that winner did something that everyone else can do. The championship crown is merely an illusion we have been sold.

This new year 2014 will roll in tomorrow and with it we will be pitched at by ad men everyday. Buy these clothes, this car and be like the champions, happy and healthy. Don’t buy it learn who you are and what makes you happy and buy that. Often you may find that you do not need to purchase any item at all to be happy.
And happy new year!



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