The Left lane is for passing (but see well…)

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I am lucky I have about a fifteen minute commute to work with three stop lights. Most of my driving is done on a four lane highway which allows me to travel at. break-neck speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. The highway is divided by a turning lane and at times a double yellow line. It is confession time now, I do not allows go 55, at times I go a little faster and I like to utilize the passing lane when I do. I approach a fellow motorist going the speed limit, form behind, I flip on my turn signal enter the left lane, pass by the motorist, flip on the right turn signal and safely pass the motorist. This scenario happens 80 % of the time. The other 20 % I approach the motorist occupying the right lane from behind, I flip on my left turn signal, check behind and my blind spot and spot another motorist! He or she is in the left lane, the passing lane and they are not passing! (and yes most states have made the left lane a passing lane and yes most states have a penalty for not passing in this lane). I keep my blinker on and wait to see if the cruising (not passing car realizes my want), nothing happens we are in a three car locked pattern. I fume and feel my blood boiling, then I began my craziness and engage in a self talk conversation.

These conversations usually start with the rational brain questioning the, well other brain.

Rational brain: John, why are you so upset?

Other brain” Because, I want to pass this guy in the right lane and the passing lane is not being properly used? The left lane is for passing and the right lane is for cruising. I am so mad I can’t believe this motorist would be so disrespectful and disobey laws and inconvenience the rest of us!

Rational brain: Are you late?

Other brain: Well, not yet. But still it is the law, you pass in the left lane , cruise in the right, this person is throwing off the balance!!!

Rational brain: Let’s discuss GA law, (me and my brains live in Sunny southeast GA) what is the speed limit here on this stretch of highway?

Other brain: Oh, I don’t know let me check… Oh it is 55.

Rational brain: how fast are you traveling?

Other brain: Wel 60 – 65 but I heard the police will give you five or 10 miles over… and I have to get to work

Rational brain: You heard wrong speeding is speeding.  Let’s talk about your needs versus the motorist cruising in the left lane. You are going to work, were are they going?

Other brain: Well I don’t know, work home a Garth Brooks concert???

Rational brain: Exactly we have no idea where they are going or what they are going to do. Always remember when it comes to measuring importance of ones station in life no one ever really wins. Every person is just as important as everyone else.

Now I can imagine what you are thinking. First, am I on meds?  Not yet. Second: does that really happen?  Almost every morning. Finally: does it help? Oh, most definitely.

Road rage is a serious issue and falling victim can cause many many problems for the motorist. Road rage is complex and interesting and for me a way to help prevent it is this exercise, that I think is dubbed by psychologist as self talk.

Whether we recognize it or not, most people engage in self talk during the average day. I don’t know about you but using my self talk to look at things rationally helps, this may not work for you. Everyone works on different levels, but one thing that is paramount is not to harm yourself with your self talk. Do not de-value (I know it is not a word de-value, but I like it) or belittle yourself. You are unique, important and special, and if you treat yourself poorly others are more than likely going to do the same, also, you will do the same to others. That abusive parent may truly love their child, but because they never learned to love themselves they are not sure how to love others. Therefore someone with that negative self talk will transfer to ones they would never dream of hurting. Children, siblings, parents, friends, work colleagues and fellow motorist need you to take it easy on you.

Me and my girlfriend watched a great movie some time ago, it was called “The Perks of being a Wallflower”. No lie great movie, you should rent this and watch it tonight. The teenager protagonist in the film was in the middle of some teenage love angst about an older girl he absolutely loved who was always involved in some type of abusive relationship when he sought advice about the love game from his teacher. He asked something along the lines of why do good people date jerks and then the quote of the movie came out from the English teacher…

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower


You deserve a lot! Everyone does.





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