The to do list

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today is Wednesday Jan. 8th we are halfway through the first work week of the new year. What have you done so far? Do you make a to do list? I do, every Monday I draft up a list of projects I need to get done.

I was looking over my list for this week and realized everything on the list was work related. Usually I have work lists and personal lists, but this week there was only one list. I began to wonder, when I realized this lack of the personal list, does this lack of a personal to do list this week make me less balanced?

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I can’t help but think it has. I have noticed that with my personal life I have been a little unfocused this week. Not so much that I missed appointments, I just have been in a little bit of a “fog”. I didn’t know why until now. I need that to do list. Guess what I am doing now?

You got it. There has to be a balance in life.





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