This is all we got

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

The New Year s here. We are now nine days in, too. I am not sure about you but at the start of the year my mind is busy and full of ideas for the year. I have resolutions to accomplish and of course a list. It is only nine days in and I am already tripping over myself. I am trying hard to get focused and start accomplishing my list.

I have been trying hard to get my focus back, for this year, but I still feel like I am in this unfocused cloud. I have been curious as to how to become more focused, and the other day I realized what part of my problem was. I was not experiencing the moment.

Let me explain, there is nothing wrong with planning and setting yourself up for the future, but we have to live in this moment. All we really have to experience and exercise some modicum of control over is this moment and I have been neglecting this moment.

I have my eyes firmly planted on the entire year, I need to change my focus to what is happening opposed to what may or may not happen. Focusing on now will clear up then. Amazing isn’t it?

Some call it the philosophy of now.  Gestalt theory focused a lot on this. The bottom line though is if we are not aware and focused on now we will miss a lot of good stuff and now is really all we got isn’t it?






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