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I was listening to a very interesting pdocast concerning the most recent disasters and turmoil in Syria. Political and social pundits came on the show and expressed their opinions and views about the conflict and the United States and United Nations responses and the inability to make the situation any better for cultivating peace.

One pundit made a comment about why there hasn’t been much progress for a peaceful Syria and she said that the major problem the United States has is that there view and approach to Syria and basically all conflict in the middle East is a binary one.

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Now, I try very hard to avoid any political discussion (some who know me say not as hard as I should because I do not employ the greatest avoidance technique which is walking away) but in my way I will weigh in on her comment. She is sort of right. I say that sort of because being maybe a geek I would have used the word dichotomous as opposed to binary.

Dichotomous in that the United States is looking for “bad guys” and “good guys” and honestly everyone pretty much lives in a world of gray don’t they? I guess that is important in our lives too. Imagine how much more simple our lives would be if we could weigh a person and decide if he or she is good or bad. We could avoid the bad ones and then hang out with only the good ones.

The truth is people are just people who do things. Sometimes people do good things and sometimes people do bad things. We cannot control what people do, but we can control what we do and if we do more good than bad I can’t help but think we will be better for it and leave the world better for it when we pass on.





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