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Just the other day I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows and there was an interview with the author of a new book titled “The Parthenon Enigma”.  The author, Joan Breton Connelly, answered questions about the book and spoke in detail about the Parthenon.  When she began to speak about the Parthenon she mentioned how the Parthenon that is now toured and looked at in awe and amazement was the Greeks “ground zero”.

The original Parthenon was destroyed during a Persian invasion and the one we now know is the newer Parthenon. The rebuilt Parthenon was used for social, political and spiritual means. It was truly a  utility like building but it is beautiful.

When the author compared the Parthenon to ground zero I thought for a minute that this was a strange comparison but it may be fair. Both areas were centers and both have been rebuilt. The Greeks rebuilt this ground zero and embraced the principles of democracy (for a limited few) and the peoples voice and their gods. 240px-The_Parthenon_in_Athens download (7)



Ground zero is still being rebuilt now. The museum is complete as are buildings 4 1 and the twin reflecting pools. The area looks great too. I would love to take a tour whenever I can get the chance. There are moments in a nations history, when a nation gets hit hard like 9/11 the Persian invasion and there are moments in our lives when we get hit hard like, the loss of a loved or life changes like new careers. When these moments come and they will. There is more said about that nation or persons character in what they “rise from the ashes” as. Are they an example for societies to follow for centuries ahead? Do they respectfully remember the sacrifices made? Do they realize what is important and find joy in that? I have seen and read about some terrible things that have happened to societies and people.


What has been done by these societies and people is incredible and empowering, and it is in their examples that I look to find inspiration and strength.





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