When someone arrives late

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

“When someone arrives late that means, they feel that their time is more important than yours.” I was told that by someone who was my boss at one time. I wasn’t sure if I agreed with them or not. I was sure of two things though. One was, that I would do my best to never be late when working for this person and the other was, that it can be easily determined that a chronic late person would not value or care as much about your time as they do theirs.

There was an article I read that stated 1 in five people are not punctual. Being chronically late is a killer. It destroys your production throws off everyone’s schedules and is a good way to stagnate or end an career.  Whatever the reason for our chronic lateness it should be obvious that it is a problem and should be cured.

That is the first step realizing there is a problem. Many who arrive late have not reached this step yet. For them it is not a problem. Not until it becomes a problem do they fix it and when it does become a problem they fix it fast and it usually never becomes a problem again.

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How do they fix it? They get a reality check. Punctual people tend to be realistic. They understand schedules and route time and they follow the fifteen minute early. They don’t over book. The need to over book or be busy all the time is usually a result of having an ego problem (there is the un pragmatic).

Nothing wrong with day dreaming and aspiring for more, but without doing it pragmatically we will hurt the men and women around us with our actions like being late.

Dream in a pragmatic way.
Aldous Huxley






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